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Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Well it's been a while since I last posted!  The reason being that I've been so busy with the various Community projects on the go at Northlight Heritage, and invariably, actual work takes precedence over writing about the work!

I will try to go project by project and give you a flavour of the key things I've been up to....


A German member of the Clan Gregor society talking to the local B&B owner at sun down

At the end of  July I worked up in beautiful Dalmally on an excavation organised by the Clan Gregor Society.  The digging volunteers from the Clan Gregor Society http://www.clangregor.com/ came from all over the world (America, Germany...) but there were also local members of the Community involved http://loch-awe.com/local-groups/dalmally-historical-association/

It was a unique experience for me because the Clan Gregor members were after something very specific - evidence to back up the Geophysical results and historical research that there is be a high-status fortified dwelling in Dalmally where the MacGregor chieftain was based.  Canmore record

There were very high hopes to find evidence of this fortified manor.  My trench turned up a modern field drain, but in one of the other trenches we had a stretch of walling, which is a bit more promising.
What I liked about the project was how much the Clan Gregor Society involved the local community and how much just a little bit of a taste of excavation can get folk hooked!

Kate and Ian - two volunteers who were ace at planning and so enthusiastic!

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