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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Selkirk Castle Community Archaeology Project

children from St. Joseph's Primary come to visit the site
I was really looking forward to this excavation, as we've worked with a group of volunteers in the community over the summer to run various workshops (walkover survey, desk based research and a terrestrial laser scan) to encourage them to become more interested in the local archaeology and specifically the site of Selkirk Castle.  To find out more see the group's website http://selkirkcastlecap.weebly.com/
When you go down to the woods today!  One local chap lent us his bear suit to take some novel shots!

The excavation took place in the last week of October and we had over 30 Volunteers - as Volunteer coordinator, scheduling them in so we had no more than 12 per day was tricky!  It was the one dig I've been on where 99% of the Volunteers attended when they said they would!  We had a real mix of people  - 3 generations of one family, retired folk, health professionals who'd taken time off, school children...the lot.  What a great bunch of volunteers - and they were so enthusiastic that they kept working hard even when we weren't finding much in the way of medieval castle remains!  Star find for me was Richard's Spindle Whorl - found at the base of the Motte.
Wildlife ecologist and archaeological volunteer Richard with his spindle whorl - evidence for a textile industry in Selkirk before the big mills.
We had a site open day on the Saturday - with around 50 visitors and on the Thursday I welcomed an entire primary school to the site.  For me the highlight was working with a group of volunteers who were getting into archaeology for the first time.  I hope we'll be back!
Me giving a site tour

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