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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Rest of November 2013

After the Community Heritage Conference I continued to have a busy month...

I drew the winner of the Cumnock Shop Front Heritage Hunt (where there were clues in the shop windows like this and kids had to hunt for them).  They got a goodiebag of prizes - thanks to the shops in Cumnock who donated them.  

I also did a couple of school visits in Cumnock - one was at St. Patrick's Primary where I did a Skara Brae session (they asked specially!)  Thanks to Historic Scotland Rangers in Orkney for providing a great Education Pack and to Alice Watterson for the use of her film - which is great - check out her blog to have a trippy neolithic experience.

National Archives
Later in the month I even headed over to Edinburgh to the National Archives and NTS Archives to do some documentary research about the Mausoleum at the House of Dun.  It was my first time in the National Archive and a bit scary!  I found it VERY difficult to read the 17th and 18th C Handwriting - but the highlight was finding a letter with James VI Privy seal on it.  

Cumnock History Group
We attended the first ever meeting of the Cumnock History Group at the Baird Institute in Cumnock.  It was brilliant to be there at the formation of a brand new group - which was an unexpected outcome out of our Raising the Bar heritage project.  

Wemmys Caves
I went up to Wemmys Caves in Fife to visit a project which Northlight and our sister organisations ArcHeritage and Trent and Peak are involved in.  Northlight are involved in creating a high quality digital scan of the amazing Pictish carvings in the caves - which will be available for the public to view online.  I was lucky enough to be able to sit in on an RTI workshop which was fab - using a normal camera and some amazing software to create images of the carvings with a movable light source.  You can read more about it on the SCAPE website: 

Selkirk Finds
I worked with one of the Hidden Heritage volunteers - Biff to sort out the finds from Selkirk - including this lovely spindle whorl.  We got all the finds catalogued and sorted - and it was great to have a yarn to Biff again!  

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